In March 2020, I was selected as a mentor for AIGA DC's SHINE project, and worked with designer Andrea Lin to create a project around the theme of civic engagement.
All designs and research were a collaboration between myself and Andrea. This project was completed over a duration of six weeks and the final deliverable was a presentation to the SHINE group.
TOPIC: Involving New Residents in Their Communities
Problem: new residents (Millennials & Gen-Z who are new to DC) do not have the connection and history with the neighborhoods that they live in, and are not sure how to get involved
Why is this important? 
People who come to DC as new residents in the 18-29 age range are typically politically active while in college, are middle-upper class, and moving into areas that are subject to gentrification. We need to keep them politically active, and engaged at the local level to understand their communities and their impact.
Location: Washington, DC
CORE QUESTION: How might we make new residents feel enabled to take action and take responsibility for their impact on their community?
IMPACT: To get new residents attending council meetings, performing community service
• Make users feel enabled to take action and responsibility while being a resident

• Volunteering with local organizations

• Know who their neighbors are

• Attend city council or ward meetings

• Care about their community

To create an app and integrated marketing campaign to build awareness around local volunteering opportunities in order to engage new residents with their communities.

Brand Development
Some exploratory moodboards
Logo comps.
Final brand board/overview.
Marketing Campaign Development
Metro station advertisements
App Development
App goals:
• Determine causes user is interested

• Collect location (zip code)

• Suggest local organizations within X mile radius

• Option to volunteer on your own or as a group

We conducted a user survey within the SHINE 2020 group to determine how and why people would use this app.
User flow diagrams, created with InVision.
Initial user screen sketches (created in InVision).
First draft app screens for primary pages.
User onboarding flow
Login, search, and results screens.
Working with Andrea was a pleasure and we both learned a lot through this project. Check out Andrea's portfolio here.
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